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Butcher Block Countertops

Naturally durable and affordable

Our 1 1/2” thick butcherblock countertops add warmth to your kitchen as either a feature island countertop or as your main countertop surface. Wood offers a natural beauty that will enhance any living space. There are a few different types of wood to choose from; Maple being the most popular.

Edge Profile

Colour Selection

 Check out our colour palette below, and visit us in store to experience the beauty and quality in person.

Care, Maintenance and Warranty

Clean your Butcher Block countertops with water and mild soap daily.

For long-term care, regularly oil the surface with a food-safe oil, like mineral or walnut oil. Combine with beeswax to fill fissures from wear and tear. Beeswax also helps prevent your Butcher Block from drying out or cracking.

Place a hot pad or trivet under hot pot and pans.

Butcher Block is made from wood and burns under heat. If burnt, it can be sanded out.

Use a cutting board under knives.

If Butcher Block is scratched, it can discolour, so protect it from knives and sharp edges.

Clean up spills immediately.

Coffee, tea, juices and even water can stain Butcher Block if spills aren’t cleaned up immediately.

Regularly oil the surface.

Oil Butcher Block regularly to protect the surface and extend its life.

Learn about our warranty.

We are proud to back our product and our service, which is why we provide a two-year installation warranty on our Butcher Block countertops.


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