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Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks

From traditional to contemporary

Exclusively supplying Pearl Sinks to pair with our countertops, we stand by the design and craftsmanship of our sinks. Made from stainless steel or fireclay ceramic, our sinks are the perfect fit for your kitchen or bathroom countertops – with complementary accessories to polish off the look. Our sink collection offers over 120 stainless steel and ceramic sinks, taps and accessories from Vancouver’s premier brand, Pearl Sinks. Peruse a sample of the collection below, and visit us in store for the full selection.

Care, Maintenance and Warranty

Use mild cleaners and sponges.

Rinse chemical cleaners immediately and use non-scratch sponges to protect your sink from corrosion.

Use baking soda and hot water.

Scrubbing with baking soda and rinsing with hot water leaves stainless steel shiny and germ-free.

Wipe your sink dry.

Prevent water marks and surface rust by wiping your sink with a dry towel post-clean.

Wax the sink basin.

Wax your fireclay ceramic sink every month to prevent liquids from pooling in the basin.

Learn about our warranty.

We are proud to back our product and our service. We provide a two-year warranty on the installation of our undermount sinks (plumbing not included), as well as product manufacturers warranties – and we’ll happily act as a liaison on your behalf in the rare occurrence of a product defect

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