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Countertop Request

1. Would you like us to measure/template and install your countertops?*

Select an option

2. Customer Information*

Job Site Address*


Postal Code


Email Address*

3. Are you installing new cabinets?

Select an option

4. What kind of Countertops would you like?

4.1 Laminate

4.2 Quartz

Custom height (if chosen 3cm thick Custom height)

4.3 Solid Surface

Custom height (if chosen ½” thick Custom height)

5. What kind of sink will be going into your countertop?

6. What kind of stove do you have?

7. Would you like Paterson Countertops to remove and dispose of your existing countertops?

Select an option

(If Yes) What type of countertop?

8. What profile would you like?

8.2 Quartz

8.3 Solid Surface

Custom profile (Solid Surface)

8.4 Butcherblock

Custom profile (Butcherblock)

9.Countertop Layout

Please include the following information:

•Sketch out the shape and layout of your cabinets

•Include the dimensions of the countertops (length and depth)

•Indicate where the sink, stove and fridge are

•Indicate the location of any backsplash with double lines

Click the link below to email your sketched layout. Please type your name & Job site address at the subject line.

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